About MDLD

"He who gives to his generation, gives to future generations"

- Haim Nachman Bialik

MDLD Auction House was founded by Ran Segal (himself a collector for the last 30 years). MDLD, the acronym for the Hebrew phrase “Mi’Dor L’Dor“, which translates to “from generation to generation”, was chosen as the company’s name for its clear but very significant meaning. Through MDLD, we hope to pass on to future generations pieces of Jewish and Israeli history from past generations. As Haim Nachman Bialik once wrote: “HaNoten L’Doro, Noten L’Dorot” (loosely translated as: he who gives to his generation, gives to future generations”). The company’s logo, the key, interestingly, is the image of an actual key passed down to Segal from his grandparents, who immigrated to Israel from Aleppo (Halab), Syria.



About MDLD

We are an internet based auction house. We cover assorted areas such as art, silver, coins, banknotes, stamps, books, judaica, famous autographs, historical documents and more. We have a clear concentration in the history and culture of the Jewish People and Israel (the land and the state) via historical documents, books (holy and secular), letters (official & personal) and photographs.

MDLD sells from all of these categories while maintaining a high standard of order, quality and authenticity. We have experts in many fields who professionally research and appraise our items.

MDLD upholds fairness to both buyer/bidder and seller, while setting a fair opening bid but allowing the bidders to ultimately determine its monetary worth.

MDLD serves as a middleman between buyer/bidder and seller. We also, ourselves, buy individual items and large collections, such as estates. For anyone interested in selling items/collections or for anyone interested in buying authentic and unique historical items, we are here to serve you.

For any questions, you can call the offices of MDLD: 972-9-7670909 or Ran: 972-54-5561223 (Israel numbers)