Terms & conditions for buyer/bidder

The following are terms and conditions to buyers of the public sales:

  • 1. The following conditions require every buyer or bidder, individual or otherwise, to the agree to all of the terms set by "MDLD" .
  • 2. "MDLD" Auction House for Collectibles and Judaica (AKA- "MDLD") will display the items online, along with information about the items, including the catalog number, starting price, etc… "MDLD" is not responsible for the accurate detail or description of the item itself, its originality, its accuracy of ownership, its condition, and the like. It will be upon the buyer to check on their own, or with help of experts of his choice, the condition and originality of the item, and the buyer will not have complaints of any kind towards "MDLD" in all that is related to the items.
  • 3. "MDLD" brokers items that are distributed and displayed by a third party, without being responsible for its detail, and accuracy. Its purpose is to display for the public selling only.
  • 4. "MDLD" displays and decides starting prices or final prices according to the details received by product owners, or from their choice, or in accordance to value by experts, or experts from "MDLD". Note: Price displayed is not in order to display accepted price, weather by starting price, final price, or middle prices.
  • 5. Prices will be displayed in USD- unless otherwise noted.
  • 6. Payments that are payed through ILS will be by final current dollar rate of "Bank of Israel" after the sale or at time of payment, the higher between the two.
  • 7. Failure of payment will be fined with interest, that is done by Discount Bank, plus 4% that is close to current dollar rate.
  • 8. Ways of Payment- a payment that is done by cash or bank transfer will not be charged a tax rate. Payments that will be payed by credit card will be charged tax by the credit card company (most tax rates of ranging credit cards are between 1%-3%). Pay Pal+ 4%.
  • 9. It is upon the buyers to pick up the order within 7 days from the day of the transaction, only once the item has been paid for in full. The buyer will have the right to request for the item to be delivered by messengers or by post, by price list assigned by "MDLD". Note: "MDLD" is not responsible for any damage that may be caused to the items.
  • 10. Buyer that cancels an order, or fails to pick up the item, will be entitled to pay the amount of the order and any other expense that was caused to "MDLD" from the canceled order. That is not to harm the irrevocable rights that exist in "MDLD".
  • 11. "MDLD" mails items within Israel and internationally. The mailing price will be set according to size and weight of purchased item. Insurance of bought item is the sole responsibility of buyer, should he/she choose to do so. Any extra taxes due to delivery by mail are also on the hands of the buyer.
  • 12. The selling price that is accepted by buyer once he/she has won the online bidding with the highest bid, upon the terms of "MDLD", will be the price that is upon the buyer to pay prior to MDLD's 20%+ VAT (the price including MDLD'S percentage and tax will be considered the final, determining price).
  • 13. The item's ownership will be transferred after payment of the determining price is paid in full.The buyer must accept the determining price immediately, and will not postpone payment or pickup later than 7 days from date of announcement of winner.
  • 14. Customers who are interested to join the sale by phone can make an appointment beforehand. "MDLD" is not required to agree to accept those buyers.
  • 15. If there are any contradictions between the terms and conditions in Hebrew, or translation of the terms and conditions to any other language, the Hebrew version will prevail.
  • 16. Buyer/Bidder that joins or is in contact with "MDLD" agrees that he read the conditions and accepts on him/herself all that is written above, and declares that it was done according to law.